About us

Our vision is seeing:

"Connected neighborhoods sharing resources and the good news of Jesus."

We believe we can accomplish this mission by:

"Preparing and equipping missionaries who will develop church-type missions throughout the city of Toledo"

Our foundation for starting new works:

#Listen #Connect #Create

In 2012, God developed a new vision in the Hope Community Church of the Nazarene to invest back in the city of Toledo where the church began. Over the past two decades they had noticed that more of their churches had closed in the city than had started. In response to the lack of churches in the urban neighborhoods, a campus was launched in East Toledo with the purpose of being a part of every aspect of the community.

Out of this model came Co.Mission Toledo in 2016. This became an effort to re-engage the church to the current realities of the inner city. Through building relationships, connecting neighborhoods, sharing resources, and creating ministries to reach the unique communities of Toledo, we will share the good news wherever people are gathered. Whether that is a city park, a homeless shelter, or a community center, Co.Mission Toledo wants to be there.

We understand our mission is bigger than us. Will you join us?