We believe God is doing something in you...

We consider it a privilege to help followers of Jesus hear from God and make the decision to move into Toledo with the intention of creating something new. We are committed to resourcing our missionaries by helping them develop a strategic plan, learn how to fundraise, have a clear understanding of who God is and provide housing.


Want to be Co.Mission Toledo's Missionary? 


We help our missionaries take the vision that God is revealing in them and put it into a strategic plan. They know where they are going and how they are going to get there.


We partner with Reliant to teach our missionaries how to share their story and ask financial partners to join their team. We believe this is a crucial step to longevity in urban ministry.


Why do we do the work that we do? Our understanding of who  God is, is instrumental in sharing God's story. This is why we developed the Toledo School of Urban Ministry.


We remove the barrier of housing as new missionaries are transitioning into the city and putting together a long term strategy of bringing hope to Toledo neighborhoods.