How are we going to plant 10 churches in Toledo?
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The greatest gift we can offer someone is the willingness to listen. To hear their name and story. To see the world through their eyes and try to experience life for a moment their realities. I think Jesus did this really well with the people he interacted with in the Bible. We have chosen to slow down and meet people. We do this is several different ways. We throw the best block parties or neighborhood gatherings. We volunteer with community partners and work alongside our neighbors to clean up city parks. We host movie nights and take families to sporting events. We do this with intent. Why would we move forward without knowing the neighbors we are trying to share Jesus with?

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We believe the vision we have been given is bigger than us. So what would it look like to partner with other churches, not-for-profits, community centers, schools, city government, local businesses, etc to bring about positive change in a community? If they value people like Jesus did, that everyone matters, then we would love to work with them. Sometimes we provide volunteers to strengthen their mission and sometimes they support our work in the city.  For us it is not about who gets credit but the power of the community working together to value and care for people. Who do you know that we should be working with in the city of Toledo?


We believe the local church that is engaged in the neighborhood can be a vital part of community transformation. We want to create 1o churches in the next 20 years that are for the people who live in urban neighborhoods around Toledo. So we are looking for "watering holes" where people are already gathering. Where they feel comfortable and we present the Good News of Jesus Christ. That you matter to God, your creator and you matter to us, the church, like minded followers of Jesus. Want to start a church or be domestic missionary? We can help!

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